The following list consists of pieces of literature which elaborate on the Hebraic origins of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and the Caribbean. Upon reading these documents; you will see clearly as to why many of the worlds top scholars, historians and archeologists are thoroughly convinced that Native Americans (i.e. Aztecs, Mayans, Tainos, Incas, Sioux, Apache, Cherokee, Seminoles etc.) are descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel!
As you will see; with many of these titles I have given you their call #'s as per the catalogs found in the National Library of Congress. It is very doubtful that many of these works will be found in your "local" public library. You will most likely have to direct your research towards a main branch library of the city (or maybe even the state) of wherever you happen to reside. However; the New York Public Library's Research division has these publications available as does the National Library of Congress either the actual book or due to the age of the piece; (some dating back to the 17th century) on microfiche. At the bottom of this page are links to the NYPLRD (New York Public Library Resesarch Division and the NLC (National Library of Congress) Enjoy and Happy Researching :~) !!!


1) 7 HBC Jones, George "History of Ancient America"
2) ISC Beatty, Charles "Journals of Charles Beatty"
3) HBC Kittredge, G.L "Letters of Samuel Lee & Samuel Sewall and The Selling of Joseph"
call# SC 326.974A-S
4) HBM Brainerd, D "Life of David Brainerd"
5) IID Howitt, E "Selection of Letters"
6) HBC Boundinot, E "Star in the West"
7) Glaser, Lynn "Indians or Jews"
call# PYD 74-3088
8) Even, Charles "The First Red Men"
call# PYD 78-2999
9) Israel, Manessah ben "Sobre el Origin de los Americanos"
call# PYD 80-1619
10) HBC Simon, Barbara Allen "The Ten Tribes of Israel" (Historically Identified with the Aborigines of the Americas)
11) 7 HBC Worsley, Israel "View of the American Indians"
12) 7 HBC Priest, Josiah "American Antiquities & Discoveries in the West"
13) 7 HBC+++ Kingsborough, Lord Viscount "Antiquities of Mexico"
14) Garcia, Gregorio "Origen de los Medianos"
15) De Las Casas, Bartholomew "Historia de Nuevo Espana"
16) Thorowgood, Thomas "Jewes in America"
17) Elliot, John "Conjectures"
18) Beatty, Charles "Journal of a Two Month Tour"
19) Adair, James "History of the North American Indian"
20) Howitt, E "Selection from Letters"
21) Smith, Ethan "View of the Hebrews"
22) Cotton, Calvin "A Tour of the Lakes"
23) Noah, Modechai M. "Diary of America"
24) Pratz, Dr. B "History of Louisiana"
25) De Leon, Pedro de Cicca "Peruvian Conqueror"
26) HBC Crawford "An Essay on the Propagation of the Gospel"
27) Keyerserling, Dr. M "Christopher Colombus and the Participation of the Jews in Spanish & Portuguese Discoveries"
28) Wauchope, Robert "Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents"

29) Carnac, Pierre "El Primer Descrubimiento"
30) Wiesenthal, Simon "La Vela y la Esperanza"
31) Birmingham, Stephen "The Grandees"
32) Von Wuthenau, Alexander "Unexpected Faces in Ancient America"
33) Sanders, Ronald "Lost Tribes and Promised Lands"
34) Silverburg, Robert "Moundbuilders in America"
35) Duran, Fray Deigo "Books of the Gods & Rites of the Ancient Calendar"
36) Duran, Fray Deigo "The Aztecs; The History of the Indies of New Spain"
37) Garcia, Gregorio "Origen de los Indios del Nuevo Mundo"
38) Munoz, Colonel A. "Los Indios de las Islas Indias son Hebreos"





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