Still demonstarting excellent leadership skills during WWI, Campos
was elected by Harvard University to represent them at the
International Peace Conference in Versailles, France.

Jorge Manach an intellectual Cuban friend of Campos, considered
Pedro as his brother. Manach also stated that Campos contributed to
the prestige that was shared among professors and students at
Harvard. He stated that Pedro was President of the Cosmopolitan
Club at Harvard. This was an organization where men of different
races- Europeans, americans, Blacks from Liberia, Japanese, Hindus
and Chinese fraternized. He staed how Campos always stood out
because of his superior intelligence. The Puerto Rican was a man
they all respected. They referred to him as, "Mr. Campos", a most
prestigious title. His greatest civic virtue was "patriotism". He
dedicated all his time to studying history, philosophy and law until he
reached the ultimate plateau. He absorbed the history of the
revolutionary movements of the world and he maintained contact
with most important nationalists movements of the time, that being
India and Ireland. Later on he established alliances with nationalist
revolutionary leaders of North America.

As a student at Harvard, Albizu Campos helped organize and founded
several cahpters of the "Student Councils for the Independence of
Ireland" in Boston, Massuchusetts, otherwise known as the IRA.

While at Harvard, he was offered several prestigious positions which
he turned down:
1. A $15,000 a year position to serve with a Protestant Organization,
Hispanic Division.
2. Assistant to the Tribunal Supreme Court of the United States.
3. Diplomat to Mexico for the United States.
He respectfully declined all these positions and job oppotunities
because he wanted to return to his homeland-Puerto Rico-to share
and give back what he had learned.

Pedro Albizu Campos returned to Puerto Rico in 1921. In July of 1922
he married Dr. Laura Meneses, aPeruvian whom he had met at
Harvard. Dr. Meneses was the first Hispanic woman to study at
Harvard. They had three children; Pedro Albizu Meneses (Mar. 26,
1924), Rosa Albizu Meneses (Aug. 20 1925) and Laura Esperanza
Meneses ("Bebe" was born in Peru on Oct. 16, 1927.