The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

When I first started reading this article I thought the story was going to be about a WWII veteran who was having flashbacks to the war. But as I read on I saw that Walter Mitty was just "fantasizing" or living out his dreams in his imagination. I feel that many people if not everyone at one point or another has fantasys of being somewhere else or being someone else. For instance many men fantasize about "getting" with a certain women or having sex with that most desirable woman they have just seen. Many people dream of being in love and how they would romance thier mate. I myself fantasize about living another life frequently. Usually this occurs after seeing a World Series game and thinking back on when I was a baseball player in High school. I fantasize about being the second basemen for the New York Yankees. After reading some documents concrning Latin- American heroes I sit back close my eyes and picture myself as becoming an activist ala Che Guevera or Albizu Campos. Walter Mitty also had his fantasys. In one he was a WWII hero, in another a world ranked surgeon and a top-notch lawyer. Its good for us to use our imagination to bring pleasure and fufill unachieved goals or to inspire oneself to reach a little harder for that goal.

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