Colloquim Class Log

Facilitator: Emilio Suarez
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Date: Tues Mar. 22, 1999

In todays class I started by talking to Mr Suarez about the upcoming Taino Arieto on Sunday at St. Mark's Place. It will count as a site visit also to which he is going to be the Facilitator of. I hope a lot of Boricua College studenst go. I feel the visit to the rieto will help them get back in touch with thier ancestral roots. Our Taino heritage is an aspect of our ethnic diversity that I feel has not been stressed enough by either our educational, community or religious sectors. It will be my duaghters first so I am very excited for her as well as me.

Somehow the conversation by the group latercarried on about dogs. Students like Targi and Petra spoke about thier dogs and how fon they were of them. At first we went from topic to topic as we usually do never really focusing on one idea and seemingly avoiding certain issues. I really am bothered by this. I wish we would speak more on topics and issues relevant to our communites, families and lives. Rather than tell stories on what we saw or what happen to us; we should concentrate on how to try and goabout resolving certain issues which plague our cummunities such as drugs, teen-pregnancy, racism, unenployment etc.

Eventually Mr. Suarez brought up his forum on Religion that he will have on Friday. So naturally the discusion turned to religion. Oh boy did the sparks fly in the room once we dove in! Many of us had different ideas on worshipping God. I probably was the only non-Christian in the room and spoke on my dis-belief concerning Christian doctrines. As expected I recieved opposition from a few members of the class. What surprised me though was that the most heated of the arguments came from those who professed themselves to be non-religious i.e Eduardo and Alicia. Yani and Bertha also shared thier viewpoints as a Cathloic and a Jehovah Witness but they were a lot more in control of ther emotions. Bertha made some valid points to substantiate her beliefs. Yani's religious views though sweet and sincere lacked of any real proof and was based solely on emotion and faith as are most religions. Getting back to Eduardo and Alicia I believe that they were offended by statements that I made that may have seemed anti-Christian. I didnt mean them to sound anti-Christian but rather "pro-truth" or rather "pro-reality". I cant wait for Mr. Suarez forum on Thursday, I know it will prove very interesting.

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