Colloquim Class Log

Facilitator: Emilio Suarez
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Date: Tues Mar. 9, 1999

Today I got to class a little early and saw that the Boricua College Professors/Facilitators and Staff, along with a few students were watching a movie. Im not sure what the movie was about but I know it dealt with women from different backgrounds of diverse ethnicities and cultures from all over the world. After the movie sort of forum was held which I sat in on. The forum consisted of the people that I mentioned above along with students who were coming in on thier way to thier Tuesday Colloquim classes. I sat between my facilitator Mr. Suarez and a fellow student Liznette Ruiz. Liznette did not seem to want to be there. she was very impatient and fidgety. In the forum issues covering the fact that it is National Womans month was discussed. It seemed like the main issue that was brought up was how we were taught by society and religion that God is a man when in fact God could be a woman. Several other issues brought up were;
A student named Gregoria brought up how she has interpreted several verses in the Bible to prove that God is indeed a woman.
Women were closer to God then men because they gave birth to everyone in the world
had it not been for women we would have lost WWII being as how all the men were in Europe
Mr Suarez made a statement concerning the Virgen de Guadalupe. He stated that after visiting the eshrinement dedicated to her and feeling the power and spirituality that eminated from that spot; he now believes that God resides in Mexico.
After the forum was finished we all went to our respective classes and discussed the issues brought forth. Most of the students in my class were in agreement with me, even the women, as to the fact that according to the Bible God was a man. I have no problem with someone choosing to believe in his or her mind that God is a woman. however, you can not in any shape form or fashion use the Bible to validate that thesis being as that there are several verses which prove His gender as being a man. For example in Exodus 15:3 it clearly states "God is a man of war..." and we all know that Jesus' prayed to his "Father". I believe that Gregoria had read some verses that were speaking figuratively or poetically. She (as most Christians tend to do) twisted and contorted the scripture to fit her own agenda which was trying to prove God was a woman and not a man. I also believe that many radical women's right groups in the advocation of thier disdain for men have taken this bitterness a little too far! As far as the women in WWII though thier efforts are to be highly commended, however the men were not in Europe twiddling thier thumbs. They were dying, shedding thier blood, seeing thier bests friends, fathers, brothers and uncles get blown to bits defending freedom. Maybe these ladies needed to see the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan and they will get a better idea of what the men were doing in Europe while they were working in the factories. One last note was on the far as women being closer to God then men because they are giving birth to all. Are they forgetting how they got pregnant in the first place! Man had to plant his seed (the sperm) in the woman (the earth) Remeber God said he formed man of the earth. It was his seedhe used to accomplish this. We were referred to as the children of God were'nt we!

In the class there was a clear division in the class between men and women. It always seems like its men vs women in there. I guess it is because this society we live in does not advocate respect for the woman. Nor do most women command any respect as they insist on acting the way they do, dressing and dancing the way they do all to impress men. But once again how can you expect men in this society to respect women when they were never taught how to respect th grandest woman of them all; Mother Earth; the mother of us all!

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