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"The question continually recurs, whence came things like these among the natives of our continent unless they be the very tribes of Israel? No evidence is furnished that such a variety of Hebrew rites is found among any other people on earth, except the Jews. And it seems morally impossible they should have derived them from any other source than the ancient Hebrew religion."


In the year 1825 Ethan Smith; American historian wrote his book entitled "View of the Hebrews" or as the subtitle indicates "The Tribes of Israel in America". The book book made great strives in proving that the Native Americans of the Americas and the Caribbean were members of the lost Hebrew nation. This next chapter is dedicated to summarizing and commenting on this classical work by Mr. Smith. View of the Hebrews is already on line on another site so there is no need to get too in depth on it here. At the end of this chapter I will give you the URL of this site and you can see it for youself. First item I would like to point out are the 11 arguments the author elaborates on in each of his chapters in proving his analogy. If you would like; click on each argument to see the substantiations to these arguments. These points are as follows:

1) The Americans (those of native descent) were of one origin.

2) Thier language appears to have been Hebrew.

3) They have had their imitation of the ark of the covenant in Ancient Israel.

4) They have been in the practice of circumcision.

5) They acknowledge one and only one God.

6) The celebgrated william Penn gives account of the natives of Pennsylvannia, which go to corroborate the same point.
7) The Indians having one tribe, answering in various respects to the tribe of Levi.
8) Several prophetic traits of the character given to the Hebrews, do apply accordingly to the aborigines of the Americas.
9) The Indians being in tribes, with their heads and names of tribes, affords further light.
10) Their having ancient cities of refuge, seems to attest to thier Israelitish extractions.
11) Their variety of traditions historical and religious, do wonderfully accord with the idea that they descend from the ancient ten tribes.

From here we will let you see for yourself how Mr. Smith using archeological, historical and Biblical evidence along with notes from a vast variety of other reknown scholars, political figures and elder statesmen to validate his theory.

Click on the Israelite Queen and her wolf below in order to acess the online presentation of

ETHAN SMITH's "VIEW OF THE HEBREWS" After accessing the site proceed to Chapter 84 "The Present State".

I will end this chapter with a quotation taken from Ethan Smith's epic piece of literature.

"I would only ask the reader to reperuse the quotations from this author; and compare them with the accounts given by Boudinot, Adair and others, of other and distant tribes of Indians; yea, with the laws of Moses; and say whether he can give any rational account of these things short of the American natives being the descendants of Israel?





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