God said of the Jewes, "They should be oppressed and spoiled evermore, thou shalt betroth a wife and another will lie with her, you shall be left few in number, though ye were as stars for multitude." (Book of Dueteronomy Chapt.28 verses 29,30 The Holy Bible) "And these Americans were made by the Spaniards every where and everyway miserable, without any relief." (Thomas Thorowgood pg 30 Jewes in America; Probabilities that the Americans are Jewes)

The two verses which you have just read were used in order to make a certain point. That point being that many of the events that took place in the past few centuries specifically to the Native Americans were all biblical prophecies. But the resounding part of these biblical prophecies is the fact that they were in reference to the nation of Israel!
The following chapter is a summary of the book written by 17th century historian Sir Thomas Thorowgood entitled "Jewes in America"; Probabilities that the Americans are Jewes." When Mr. Thorowgood spoke of the "Americans" he was speaking of the aborigines of the Americas and the Carribbean. Please note also that the word "Jewes" is writtten in such a manner as how it was used back in 17th century English. The main focus of this highly controversial piece of literature was to prove the Hebraic origins of the native people of the western hemisphere.

We will begin with the second chapter being that this lists Mr. Thorowgood's first conjecture. He begins with stating that "the Indians do themselves relate things of thier ancestors suitable to what we read of the Jewes in the Bible." In backing of this statement he tells us of the great Aztec King Monteczuma and a famous oration which he gave to his to his nobles and people, trying to persuade them to be loyal to the king of Spain. In the statement he reminds his countrymen,that they heard from thier forefathers how they were strangers in that land and by a great prince very long ago brought to this land they now know in a fleet. Monteczuma was also recorded as saying in his speech that"they boasted thier pedigree from men preferred in the sea by God himself." Also, God made one man and one woman, bidding them to live together and multiply and how in a famine bread rained down from heaven upon them. Also how in a drought they got water from a rock." If these accounts dont sound familiar to you then you obviously have not picked up your Bible in quite some time; if ever. Here is a quick refresher course: you have here the story of Adam and Eve from Genesis 1:27,28 ; manna from heaven Exodus 16:15 and Moses drawing water from a rock in Numbers 20:11 . Remember this people had never been exposed to a Bible until years after the Spaniards under Hernando Cortez arrived!


Also in this 2nd chapter it states that;"the Mexicans carried what seemed to be thier version of the Tabernacle of the Ark and pitched thier tents to the direction which it was facing (usually east) and it was carried by four priests.
The Mexicans affirm that there is one chief God, who has been here for all eternity, by whom all lesser gods (the angels) were made." As you will see in Genesis 1:26 wherein it states; "Let US make man in OUR image. It should also be noted that in the very first verse of Genesis it states "In the begining God created the heaven and the earth" . When you read the Hebrew/Aramaic version the word or name "God" is not there but instead "Elohim" which means "the powers" (plaural). The name of the heavenly father was not mentioned until Genesis 2:7 . Thorowgood goes on to state that the Indians also judged the sun, moon and the stars to be living creatures as is stated in the Jewish Talmud.
"Many learned men of that time believed the Indians of Brazil to be Jewes, part of the lost tribes of Israel"; the second chapter continues. The Brazilians themselves said that they were taught by ancient traditions and acknowledge thier forefathers to be of that lineage. Emanuel de Moraes, 17th century historian, also affirmed that those of Brazil to be Judiacal. Roger Williams,; founder of New England was also of that opinion.


In the third chapter of "Jewes in America";; a list of common customs amongst the biblical Jews and Indians of the Americas and Carribean were listed. There were too many similarities amongst these two nations for it to be a coincidence, especially given the fact that the natives of the Americas never had come in direct contact with the Hebrew culture or any other culture but thier own in thousands of years! To open the chapter Mr.Thorowgood states "The rites, fashions, ceremonies and opinions of the Americans are in many ways agreeable to the customs of the Jewes..." Listed below are some of those similarities listed in Thorowgood's book which would lead one to believe that the native aborigines of the Americas and Carribean were descendants of the "Lost Tribes of Israel":
The Indians wore garments fashioned as the Jewes, a single long fringed coat (Numbers 15:38 and Dueteronomy 22:12) You will notice this today in the garments worn by the North American Indians, the Indians of Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.
"They wore very much jewelry as stated in Isiah 3:20,21."They were constantly annointing thier heads as did the Jewes (II Samuel 1:21; Psalms 45:7 and Mark 6:13)
They would bathe themselves two or three times a day and some in Brazil ten times; this clearly being a Jewish custom Mark 7:3,4 (especially in that era when taking too many baths was viewed as a quality of a witch by the Spanish Inquisitions and even later on during the infamous Salem Witch Trials)
They delighted in dancing men and women, even though the women danced apart from the men. (see also Exodus 13:20; I Samuel 1:11,12 and 18:67) .
"In America they ate no swines flesh. It was hateful to them as among the Jewes." (Levicticus 11:7) (A custom that was later abandoned due to the fact that as slaves; pork was one of the main foods that they were given by thier slavemasters and mainly the entrails. Tragically today this is considered a "delicacy" by the common "Latino")

"They washed the feet of strangers and were very hospital to them, a common practice in Israel" We recall Columbus who stated that he had never met a more kinder and gentler people in all his life; referring the Tainos. "They treated every man better than they would treat themselves"

The fourth chapter of Jewes in America" deals in demonstarting the similarities between the Indian and the Judiacal sacred and solemn rites and customs. Spanish historian Acosta affirms that the Americans have ceremonial customs resembling the Mosaical. One of the most foremost being the act of circumcision which was practiced as Acosta would put it "nationally".
The Indians spoke of a great flood which drowned the world and that it was sent for the sin of man and that there shall never be such a deluge again. So it was obvious that the aborigines were familiar with the account of the great flood of biblical times. It is quite certain that these accounts found in the book of Genesis were passed on down through the many generations as were the stories we read earlier from the mouth of Monteczuma. They were also convinced that the earth, according to prohecies of thier tribal priests will be consumed by a great fire from heaven up above. (II Peter 3:10) Amazingly accurate for a people who supposedly never recieved any "Christian" indoctrination until the arrival of the Spaniards and other European nations. They also believed in a heaven and a hell.
The natives would marry within thier own kindred and family, this was God's command for the nation of Israel as you can see in Numbers 36:7 . This was done in order to keep the purity of the nation and to keep the inheritance of the people within the nation or tribe. The Indian women easily deliver thier children without mid-wives as in Exodus 1:19 mentions of the Israelites. They wash thier infants as in Ezekial 16:9 . (I guess that at this time, washing a baby was not a common European practice. Why else would they be shocked to see the Indians behave in this matter?) In feminine seasons (mensrual cycles) they put their women in wigwams by themselves as did the Israelites whom considered them unclean and set them apart during their time of purification. (Levicticus 15:19)
The Indian widows marry the brother of the deceased husband as the Levictical law did stipulate and was also mentioned in Matthew 22:25 . Dowries were also given for wives by the Indians as Saul did David (see I Samuel 18:25 and Exodus 22:17.) The husbands would not immediately engage intimately with their spouse until after their children were weaned as in Hosea 1:8 and in Levicticus 12:2-6.
The aborigines of the Americas were firm believers in the "eye for an eye" theory mentioned in Dueteronomy 24:19 and were given to much weeping at funerals especially thier women.
Thier princes and governors are the heads of all thier families as it was in ancient Israel. (see Numbers 7:2 ) they also would have foot messengers who were dispatched carrying legal affairs, they were fleet of foot as such were among the Jewes. (II Samuel 18:24-27) Thier priests had thier own chambers in the temple as did the israelites wherein no one was allowed to enter the "Holy Of Holies" (Hebrews 9:6,7) they would burn incense to thier idols and make cake oblations as the Israelites did for example in Jeremiah 7:18 ; as they would also offer the firstfruits of thier harvests, fishing and hunting excursions.
The idols in America were mitred (as were many of the Indians much to the contrary of the steroetypical feathers that we see in media portray). This was a certain type of headress used in ancient Israel by the priests. In thier services men and women would dance and sing as Miriam did wih timbrels after the crushing defeat of Pharoah and the mighty Egyptian armies. They also offered bread as in Malachi 1:7. Ressurection of the body was a serious matter to these Indians as it was to thier ancient forefathers the Israelites. They also had an account of the end of the world very similar to the one told in Matthew 24:29.


The third conjecture listed in the Vth chapter speaks of the manner of speech and words of the Indains being so in common with that of the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Spanish historian and linguist Acosta marvels at the fact that the Indians had so many different names for the Most High as to not mention the name or the tetragram YHWH. The chapter also speaks on the fact that the language of the Indians being clearly a broken down form of the Hebrew. After the Babylonian exiles the original Hebrew had already taken serious changes and after all those years they spent isolated from Israel on this new land the language had changed even moreso. but traces of the Hebrew still remained. A very good point was made to close out the chapter; "...In all nations, in two or three ages there is a great alteration in thier tounges. The words of the league between the Carthiginians and the Romans in 50 years space time were so uncouth and little known, that they scarce could be understood. Keckerman showed that the German language in almost like short time recieved the like mutation. Our own Anglo-Saxon translated the Bible into English as the tounge was then, but such antique words and writings that few men now can now understand and read it, which waxing old and hard it was again translated into newer words. We marvel that after so many years of most gross blindness, having no commerce, nor converse with any other nations, that any of the least similarities thereof should be left."
Finally in chapetr V, it closes with an incident on the island of Azores (belonging to the Americas) in which graveyards were found by the Spaniards which had ancient Hebrew inscriptions written upon them. "Why has God gone away!" was one of the inscriptions and beneath it "He is dead, know God." It seems that the Indians were making, as Thorowgood puts it "a woeful inquiry" as to God's departure from them.


The VIth chapter speaks on the canabalism found in certain tribes encountered by the Europeans. As negative as this may seem, this hideous custom was one of the many ways also used to prove the Hebraic origins of the Indians. the tribe mostly spoken of were the Caribs; whom were located on the islands of the Carribean primarily off the northern coast of South America. (Trinidad, the Bahamas etc.) They were fierce and warlike and known for thier "man-eating". In Levicticus 26:27-29 we find this prophecy alluding to the nation of Israel: "And if you will not hearken unto me, but walk contrary to me; then will I walk contrary to you also in fury and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins. And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters shall you eat." Also in Deuteronomy 28:53; "And you shall eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy own sons and of thy own duaghters, which the Lord hath given thee..."
As you can see cannabalism was one of the many curses put upon the nation of Israel by the Most High God for thier disobedience towards his laws, statues and commandments. II Kings 6:28; Lamentations 4:10 and Ezekial 5:9,10 all speak of this curse put upon the Israelites, both the Northern and Southern kingdoms. Unfortunatley, one of the ways to prove the Israelitish ancestry of the Native Americans is to look upon their demise and fall and see how they match letter per letter with the curses that were prophesied to fall upon the nation of Israel. All this because they decided to turn thier backs on thier God and follow the ways of the heathen nations which God knew not. This will be the last chapter in which we will discuss the points brought in Mr. Thorowgood's fine piece of literature. "Jewes In America"; originally written in 1650 as one would expect is available on micro-film only and is quite costly to copy page per page. Chapter IX primarily dwelt on comparisons between the curses prophesied in Deuteronomy 28th chapter to the Israelites to the tragic downfall of the Native American aborigines.


"The Americans calamities are suitable to those plagues threatened unto the Jewes in Deuteronomy 28. Such a comment upon that terrible scripture is not anywhere to be found, as among the Indians, by this also it will appear probable that they be Jewes..."
Thorowgood begins with Deuteronomy 28:18 "Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body..." And indeed their children were cursed being born into the slavery and rape that awaited them at the hands of the Spanish persecutors. "The pestillence shall cleave unto thee and the Lord shall smite thee with an consumption..." verses 21,22,29 and 35. "Strange diseases have destroyed the Natives as the history of these countries do relate."
As you can see Mr. Thorowgood was well aware of the fact that the sicknesses suffered by the Indians upon the European invasion was part of the prophecies alluding to the nation of Israel! I would also highly reccommend to our readers to acquire the books entitled "American Holocaust" by David E. Stannard and "Stolen Continents" by Ronald Wright which tell you more in detail the devastation that was brought on in the Americas by those diseases carried over from Europe.
The following are excerpts taken from "American Holocaust" by David Stannard. We will use them in order to better show you the prophecies of Dueteronomy 28 being fufilled in the calamties that befell the aborigines of the Americas. In this way you can better see why it was that Thomas Thorowgood had no doubt in his mind that these were the sons and daughters of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!

pg 87 "Peru and Chile, home of the Incas; one of the wealthiest and largest empires anywhere in the world, covering virtually the entire western coast of the South American continent, had contained at least 9,000,000 people only a few years before the Europeans arrived. The conquistador's diseases preceded them. Smallpox and probably other epidemics swept down through Mexico and across the Andes in the early 1520's even before Pizzaro's first foray into the region. Also as elsewhere settlers and soldiers who followed wreaked havoc and destrucion themselves. Long before the close of the century, barely 1,000,000 Peruvians remained alive. A few years more and that fragment was halved again. At least 94% of the population was gone; some where between 8,500,000 and 13,500,000 people had been destroyed."


Let us now examine a prophecy in Deuteronomy 28 verse # 62 which states: "And ye shall be left few in number, whereas ye were as the stars of heaven for multitude; because thou wouldest not obey the voice of the Lord thy God."
As you can see the prophecies of Duet. 28:21,22,29.35 and 62 were fufilled. These Indian nations are the only set of people to fufill each and every one of these prophecies and to the utmost extreme!
"Just twenty-one days after the first atomic bomb in the desert, the Japanese city of Hiroshima was leveled by an atomic blast; never before had so many people-at least 30,000, probably more died from a single explosion. Just twenty-one years after Columbus' first landing in the Carribean,the mostly populus island that the explorer ad renamed "Hispanola" was effectively desolate. Nearly 8,000,000 people-those Columbus chose to call Indians had been killed by violence, disease and dispair...What happened on the island of Hispanola was equivalent to of mor than fifty Hiroshimas. An Hispaniola was only the beginning..."
"Depopulation rates of between 90 and 98% with an overall decline of 95% has become working rule of thumb. What this means is that, on average, for every twenty natives alive at the moment of European contact- when the lands of the Americas teemed with numerous tens of millions of people-only one stood in thier place when the bloodbath was over..."
"The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world... To put this contemporary context, the ratio of native survivorship in the Americas following European contact was less than half of what the human survivorship ratio would be in the United states today if every single white person and every single black person died." All three of the above staements were taken from David E. Stannard's "American Holcaust."
If this does not fufill Bible prophecies, then let us just discard the Holy Scriptures and all become atheiest! What is even more sadly convincing is that this same prophecy is an on going one as the indigenous peoples of the Americas suffer persecution even still so today as you read this text! The Kayapo tribe of Brazil still find themselves defending the oil and the mineral rich land which they live on in the Amaonian rain forest from European invaders today.

Below are some excerpts taken from "Harvest of Violence: The Maya Indians and the Guatemala Crisis" pg 295 by Robert M. Carmack and the Guatemalan Crisis" pg 295 by Robert Carmack and "The Battle for Guatemala: Rebels, Death Sqauds and U.S Power" by Susanne Jones:
"As recently as 1986, the Commision on Human Rights of the Organization of American States observed that 40,000 people had simply "disappeared" in Guatemala during the preceeding 15 years. Another 100,000 had openly been murdered. that is the equivalent, in the United States, of more than 4,000,000 people slaughtered or removed under official government decree. A figure that is almost six times the number of American battle deaths in the Civil War, WWI, WWII and the Korean and Vietnamese wars combined!!!...
Almost all those that disappeared were Indians, direct descendants of the Mayas, creators of one of the most splendid civilizations that this earth has ever seen. Today, as five centuries ago, these people are being tortured and slaughtered, thier homes and villages bombed and razed-while more than two-thirds of thier rain forest homelands have now been intentionally burned and scraped into ruin. The murder and devastaion continues, with the aid and assistance of the United States!..."


Let me remind the reader that these are just a few of the thousands upon thousands acts of genocide committed against the aborigines of the Americas, both back then and even today. Over 500 years of biblical prophecy fufillment staring at you dead in the face! Let us take a further look at some other Biblical prophecy which befell this proud and noble people.

"Thou shall betroth a wife and another man shall lie with her; thou shalt built an house and not dwell therein, thou shalt plant a vineyard, and shalt not gather the grapes thereof." (Deuteronomy 28:30)

The above verse speaks of the rape of the wives of the Israelites and also the enslavement of the "Chosen People of God" due to thier blatant disregard of his laws and commandments. Anyone not historically ignorant will realize that the Native Americans fit these verses to a tee.

"Typically when an enslaved workman returned from the mines at the end of the day, the friars reported, "not only was he beaten or whipped because he had not brought up enough gold, he was bound hand and foot and flung under the bed like a dog, before the Spanish foreman lay down directly over him, with his wife." ["Conquest of America", Todorov]

"The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low."

As you can clearly see; these prophecies cannot be alluding to none other than the Native Americans. Even the self-professed Jews of today did not fufill this prophecy in that during thier "Holocaust" (which obviously pales in comparison to that of the Native American tragedy) the Jews were the strangers, not the Germans who were in thier homeland. The Jewish peoples who were sent to the gas chambers were immigrants for the most part from the fallen Khazarian empire of the mountains of South Georgia Russia. Much in contrast with the "Indians" who were native to thier soil for thousands of years and the Eurpoeans were the strangers who set themselves up over them and bought them down low after destroying thier great empires.


Deuteronomy 28:48 is the next biblical referance used by Mr. Thorowgood and with it we will close out the use of his literature.

"Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which the Lord send against thee, in hunger and in thirst and in nakedness and in want of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron around your neck, until he have destroyed thee."

Mr.Thorowgood goes on to say; "Thier Kings and Caciques were no more regarded by them (the Spaniards) than the meanest,they enthralled all the Natives in most woeful servitude and captivity... they spared no age, nor sex, nor woman nor child..."

One more scripture that it brings to mind that I wish to add to the author's analogy is Deuteronomy 28:49,50:

The Lord shall bring a nation aginst thee from afar, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle, a nation whose tounge you do not understand. A nation of fierce countenance, which shall regard not the person of the old nor show favour to the young..." The nation from afar?

The Spanish, French, British, Dutch, Porteguese pick one; they all all one nation "the Caucasoid nation" Thier language was clearly not understood by the unsuspecting Natives nor did these barbarians have regard for the young or old nor kings. One other note to add is that the curses to some extent go on today. Native americas continue to serve thier conquerors in thier own homelands. On the majority; they have settled for little parcels of land (reservations) in the place of what were once vast, beautiful and majestic kingdoms. Many times they are relying on government assistance for food, clothing and housing even though conditions are improving ever so slightly as a whole the traces of the curses inflicted from Deuteronomy still linger; we will discuss more in detail in another chapter.

I highly advise the readers to acquire Mr. Thorowgood's piece as it gets much more in depth on this subject. I am sure that just piece of literature has set the curiosity of anyone on fire; be they Jew or Gentile! However this is just one of the many documents (as you will soon see) proving the Israelitish ancestry of the Native Americans of North, Central and South America as well as the Carribean.






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