One thing I did disagree with my compatriots was their method of
trying to achieve their objectives. Violence against a military, political
and counter-intelligence juggernaut such as the United States is quite
futile. I believe that an economic boycott as a nation of all American
institutions, businesses, mercantiles would send a much more
organized "pocket-felt" message to the rival society. The U.S is a
capatlist, vain, greedy society (as if you didnt know by now) whose
heartbeat is rythmitcally kept beating by mass commercialism and
production; especially on our island of Puerto Rico. As the old cliche
goes "hit em where it hurts"; in this case the pocket and you will see
how out of the American juggular will spurt green blood!

In order for this to succeed; however; the entire island including
Puerto Ricans here in the Belly of the Beast; New York and other
parts of the "Great Satan" as many of my Muslim brothers call her
would have to be of one mindset. There will have to be complete
steadfast, unwaivering, relentless till death do us part "unity"
amongst us.

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