Publisher's Note

As publisher/editor of the pamphlet you have just read, I felt it was
only just that I give my opinion on this the matters most adressed in
this issue. That issue basically being the liberation of Puerto Rican
freedom fighters from US prisons and most importantly (or their
struggles who have been in vain) the indepenence of the island
nation of Puerto Rico.

Let me begin with our brothers and sisters who had the courage,
determination and fortitude to fight for what they believe in. In every
sense of the word, I consider them "patriots", in the same manner that
Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, James Madison, Alexander
Hamilton etc. were viewed by colonists fighting against what they
percieved as British tryanny. Though breaking away from thier English
fathers, the colonys now known as the United States of America;
took on much on thier predesscors tyrranical ways. They apperently
learned little from the unjust and dishonest treatment rendered upon
them and ironically have dealt with so many others (i.e. Native
Americans, Hispanics, African-Americans, third-world nations etc.) in
like manner. The only difference between our Puerto Rican "patriots"
such as Adolfo Matos, Luis Rosa, Carmen Valentin; to name a few
and Washington, Hamilton, Adams etc was that American colonists
was succsseful (thanks mostly due to the French and Native
Americans) and the Carribbean islanders were not. Had the uprising
by the American colonists been thwarted by the British we would
probably been living in a society in which those which history book
considers as "Our Founding Fathers" would be regulated to mere
terrorist status. They would be remembered as rebellious peasants full
of ingratitude after the British crown had done so much for them. So
you see my friends; in life there apparently is always a fine line
between hero & villan, madman & genius, terrorist & patriot.

Yes, I believe these Puerto Rican political prisoners should be freed.
Just for the mere fact that there are convicted child molestors, rapers,
murderers and drug dealers that serve less time than what these
brothers and sisters did. The condition of release put upon them by
"Slick Willie" (President (and I use that term in much disgust) Clinton)
were riduculous and I can see why a few said they will stay in jail and
take thier chances there!

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