The following paragraphs are meant to give the reader a more
in-depth profile of the Puerto Rican political prisoners pictured
in this pamphlet.

Carmen Valentin

Carmen Valentin is a Puerto Rican POW. She is imprisoned for
actions carried out in the interests of a free and independent
Puerto Rico.

Living in Chicago near the BPP office and witnessing the
events that the Chicago Black Panthers experienced helped
to develop her political consciousness. After graduating college
she began teaching high school and developing a clear awareness of
US colonization of her country. She began struggling within
the high school to introduce true Puerto Rican culture and history.
She also worked with the Iranian Students Association. The
members of this organization were active participants in the
dethroning of the Shah. She worked against and helped to defeat
what was known as Plan 21, Chicago's politically motivated plan for

Carmen also co-founded and was the president of the JosĒ De Diego
Bilingual Center which was created to preserve the cultural heritage
of the Puerto Rican people and to advance the study of its history,
literature and culture. She was also a founding member of the Ruiz
Belvis Educational Center which was created to provide an
alternative for students forced to drop out of high school and
give them the opportunity to continue their education. Carmen
also established committees to monitor and document police
brutality as well as helping to form a legal office to inform
the public about their legal rights. She also developed classes
and programs inside Statesville Penitentiary for Puerto Rican and
Latino prisoners to teach their literature and common heritage.
Carmen's quantity of work soon changed to qualitative work
and she soon joined the revolutionary clandestine Armed Forces of
National Liberation (FALN). She was captured April 4, 1980 and
charged with Seditious Conspiracy and sentenced to 98 years.
Carmen received $75 of Emergency Funds in October
1995 to help pay for her grand daughter Karina's education, $10 in
May 1996 to help pay for a NY Times subscription she shares with
other PP/POWs she is locked up with and $45 in July 1996 to
pay for a radio.

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