... teacher's contentions that Puerto Rico had no history.
His rebellious spirit continued upon entering the University of
Illinois in Chicago, where he joined the ongoing struggle which
led to the establishment of Latino recruitment programs and
support services. As a student leader he participated in
struggles in support of Iranian, Palestinian, Eritrean and
Mexican Peoples.

He was also instrumental in the founding of the Union for Puerto
Rican Students. In the community where he lived he helped establish
programs offering job and recreation opportunities to young
people. Edwin was also a member of the Committee to Stop the
Grand Jury and to Free the Five Nationalist Prisoners (5
Puerto Rican PP/POW's imprisoned in the 50's. Partialy due to
the Committee to Free the five Nationalist Prisoners, they
were all freed in 1979 by then President Jimmy Carter.)

He was arrested in 1983 and sentenced to 35 years for seditious
conspiracy. In prison he has been active in the creation of
social and cultural programs for prisoners. He is also active in
vocational and arts programs. He is currently held at the
US Penitentiary at Lewisburg, PA. Edwin's wife Alva has worked
to support their two children, Noemi and Carlos Alberto, who were
6 and 4 years old when he was imprisoned. Noemi, now 21, is a
student at the University of Michigan. His release date is 2004.

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