Juan Antonio Corretjer, a disciple and companion of Albizu tells us,
"Albizu would forever be a revolutionary leader in the sense that he
would go that last mile to meet the revoultionary goals, beyond
independence, beyond national liberation, even to the point of
eradicating the roots of the consequences of the imperialsitic
domination and go even further to eradicate Puerto Rican society so
that the total elimination of private properties, the idea of one man
being able to exploit another man will be erased from the Puerto
Rican mind."

On April 25, 1965, Albizu Campos died. His wife, Dr. Luara Meneses
declared, "Albizu lived for his people and died in the sacrifice
imposed on him by freedom's enemy and the independence of his
country. The life devoted to a cause like the one he served transcends
death. The example he set enlightens the future and his memory
continues to grow. Puerto Rico will meet the goals he has set and the
recognition of his people will be the pedestal of his glory."

The devotion exemplified by Albizu Campos can be summed up in one
phrase, "to take our country away from us they would have to take our
lives." This phrase formed a line of heroes, heroines and matyrs, an
extraordinary parade of people who sacrificed their lives and their
lands for the liberation of their people.

Albizu Campos still lives on those who are inspired by his life and
exemplary works. Puerto Ricans continue with the inconclusive
struggle for freedom and the independence of their nation.

In honor of Albizu Campos, it is a duty to culminate and complete his
agenda. The constitution of a liberated Puerto Rico, independent and
free from exploitation of man by man, would be the greatest monument
built in his name.

by Rafael D. Valentin

Rafael Valentin is a law student at Long Island University, N.Y.
He was born in Arroyo, Puerto Rico in October of 1967. His parents
migrated to the U.S. with him when he was just two months old.
Yet as a youth, like many other Puerto Rican youths who grew up
in New York, the tug of the Puerto Rican nationalism was as strong
with him as with the youths back on the island. Mr. Valentin's
delineation of the character of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos did not
spare his strong views and emotions as he recounts the life
of Puerto Rico's most revered nationalist and liberator.

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