Albizu Campos is known as a pinnacle of the Puerto Rican nation and
"Our America" (Latin America) by all the great intellectuals. The
great Chilean poet, Gabriela Mistral, went to visit Albizu Campos in
1939 when he was imprisoned in the Atlanta Penitentiary but was not
allowed inside. She says, "I went specifically to see our Albizu. The
prison officials told me over the phone that no visitors other than
family were allowed. I could not see him. I only looked with sadness
at the prison in which the first Puerto Rican and maybe even the
first Hispanic American was imprisoned.

Jose Vascocelos, a Mexican intellectual, who visited Puerto Rico and
knew Albizu Campos described his impression of the nationalist leader.
Jose said Pedro Albizu Campos captivated me from my first impression
and continues to captivate me.He has a solid background. I dont kmow
how many years at Harvard. He knows the background of the rival
culture and no one can put forth its weaknesses and mechanisms like
he can. Few men have taught me so much in one day. I am sure that one
day this ungrateful America will come to know and salute Albizu
Campos as one of their heroes. He is tempted by commisions and job
offers which he rejects because they go against the doctrine of the
collaboration of invaders. Albizu Campos lives like a saint and since
nothing bad can be said of his behavior, yet there was not one person
that did not say "Look! he was a mulatto'."

The Puerto Rican Poet, Dona Trina de Sanz, known as "the daughter of
the Caribbean" wrote about Albizu in the following way, The voice of
Albizu Campos is like the voice of a watchman that announces of a
hurricane; his speeches are not a cry of hate, rather a cry to
Hosanna that surrounds his spirit like a mist of dreams."

Commander Ernesto "Che" Gueverra, an Argentinean man also of world
known revoultionary views and greatness, gave a speech in New York at
the 19th General Assembly of the United Nations in which he said the
following: "Albizu Campos is a symbol of the untamed irrelevant
America. Years of imprisonment, intolerable pressures while in jail,
mental torture, solitude, the isolation from his people and his
family, the insolence of the conqueror and those who saw him grow,
did not over take his strong will. The Cuban delgation gives honor to
Albizu Campos in admiration and gratitude to a dignified patriot of
"Our America."

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