Nationalism is not merely the reintergration of land in the hands of
the Puerto Ricans, nor is it the salvation of its commerces and
finances. It is the nationality that is rescuing its soviergnty and
saving the people for life's superior values. Colonialism is the
annulment and absorption of our moral strengths that God deposited
into our land. Nationalism is not a political party in its limited
sense of the word. Its a movement that tends to save the constitutes
of the nationality. For this reason we wil not rest until the
American flag has been lowered in Puerto Rico.

Albizu Campos buried the politicking that manifested itself in
opportunism, the comprimising and duplicity that had characterized
the Puerto Rican political leadership and he transformed himself into
the self sacrificing patriot. He became the symbol of dignity, of good
citizenship and all the inponderable elements that make up the
untamed spirit of a Puert Rico. He educated the people and pointed
out the truth about situations and certain characters without "beating
around the bush." A powerful orator and brilliant man armed with the
best education that could be provided was Dr Campos. This is what
created order in that huge emotional release that were his speeches.

Juan Marinello said, "It was in front of the masses of people that this
small and fragile man became great and in those few minutes
everyone became a prisoner of his sermon. His voice resounded with
innermost peace and was quite suggestive. It was also a vibrant and
metallic tone that reached the most distant listener like a trumpting of
orders from the Almighty that could not be evaded. The tone of the
speech always remained vigorous, distinct and deep."

Pedro gave action to the vocation of a fight. He advertised as well as
lived the virtue and the purity, developing in this way an impartial
conception of the struggle for liberation of the nation whose theme
had become courage and sacrifice. Albizu was the one who linked us
to our "pueblos hermanos" in the Caribbean as well as Latin America.
It was the Latin American people who proclaimed him as "America's
Eminence during a reunion in Congress. They called him "The Last
Liberator of America."

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