He developed a movement. The Nationalist Party exclusively dedicated
to national liberation that transformed into a true campaign of the
mobilization of the masses and national unity as it had never been
seen in the history of the country. He progressed a step further of
greater importance; he instilled anti-imperialism which prompted a
a vigouros national revolution and which at its pace changed the
channels of the battles of our nation.

Albizu Campos demonstrated the need for a perfect understanding of the
nature of the oppresiveness of imperialism in Puerto Rico. He also
popularized the possibility and urgency of emancipation from the
"Yanqui" imperialism and all kinds of injustices. Albizu coverted
anti-imperialism into a broad denominator that embarked people of
different political sectors, national patriots, independents,
communist, laymen and believers. These sectors consisted of a vast
pluralistic group that understood the diverse classes, philosophies
and thoughts, all coinciding with the idea of freedom and the
independence of the nation.

Dr.Campos understood nationalism as the tendency to defend the
interests of the nation and exalt the commands of the national
personality. He understood perfectly the revolutionary nature of
oppressed countries. Thus he established the difference between his
nationalism that was a prolongation of a nationalism represented by
Betances in the 19th century and the reactionary manifestation of
nationalism represented by the former leadership of Puerto Rico.
Because of this, Albizu Campos specified that "nationalism does not
proceed from unionism. Nationalism in Puerto Rico has its historical
roots in the Revolution of Lares of 1868, where the Republic was
proclaimed and many heroes died for her." He conceptualized his
revolutionary nationalism, not by focusing on the political parties,
but on liberating the country as "a nation organized to save its

Albizu Campos said, "Nationalism is the force that beats against any
power that denies us our identity; it is a movement that aspires to
wake up the forces of the nation to save the nationality for its
culture and history. Nationalism wants the people, which is the first
spiritual unity formed on this continent, that is, the most
culturally and racially intergrated nationality in America, an
improved and sensible mass of people to intergrate the cultural life
by affirming their identities.

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