Are we as a people capable of doing this? Only time
will tell. Just how bad do we want to be free. Or are we contempt
being possesions, for another 100 years and then fall into the hands
of the next world power. Once the American empire crumbles as have
all other empires (i.e. the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, British,
Spanish, Russian etc in case you sadly were under the impression
that the U.S.A and its world dominance would go on forever!) will we
allow yet another dynasty dominate and colonize us?

I hope you have enjoyed this publications and stay tuned for further
issues coming out in the near future. Educate yourselves, become
more aware of what is going around in your community (politically
speaking) get more involved. Most importantly keep an open mind
and never forget who you are and your prioroties which should begin
with yourself your family and your nation; la perla del Caribe, mi
Borinquen Querida!

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