all Puerto Ricans to come back to the ideologies and teachings
of "our" culture. He called for reform. He called for a break from
colonial regime and to request recognition of Puerto Rican
independence. He defined nationalism as the only salvation because
it causes to be reborn in each of us the consciense of a
free man for whom human dignity is priceless and cannot concieve why
he should not have the right to direct the destinies of his
children and homeland. Albizu Campos contributions towards
the "decolonization" of our nation were immense and still pump through
the average Puerto Ricans veins. He understood the mechanics of the
physchological function of the "colonized" people way before Frantz
Fanon published his studies on the topic. This is why he understood
that the emancipation process would require the the strenghtening of
our national identity and the placing of major emphasis on our
merits and substance as a people.
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