Boricua College
Instructional Module
Synthesis 5.10
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Facilitator: Emilio Suarez


Exercise I

Square One: 4 lines on top lets say 4 ft, 3ft, 2ft & a foot. then we have 4 lines on bottom in reverse from top i.e 1 ft, 2ft, 3ft & 4ft.
Square two has 2 lines on top 4ft, 3ft, four on the bottom 1ft., 2ft, 3ft & 4ft.
Square three has lines on top again 4ft, 3ft, and 3 lines on the bottom 1ft, 2ft and 3ft.
Square four has no lines on top 3 lines on the bottom 1ft, 2ft and 4ft.
Therefore we can assume square five should be "C".
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