Boricua College
Instructional Module
Synthesis 5.10
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Facilitator: Emilio Suarez



There are many factors that impact the family in New York. Just for starters; the economic situation we find ourselves in is a determining factor on the lifestyle we are forced to live under rather than we wish we could be living. For first generation Boricuas sometimes language can be troublesome even though english is taught on the island. Speaking of la "Isla del Encanto"; for those of us that were born here or spent many years in the U.S. we are looked down upon by our brothers & sisters on the island often called NeoRicans in a quite derragatory manner.

The distractions of the big city make it hard for many of us (especially younger ones) to focus on their goals or even set some. Fashion, the clubs, partying, promiscuity technology or just the plain old curse of having so much to do is a major distraction for Boricuas who are naturally a fun loving, work-hard play-harder type of people.

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