Boricua College
Instructional Module
Evaluation 6.10
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Facilitator: Emilio Suarez




How Puerto Rican men are supposedly to act during moments of grief was the focus of the opening paragraph of the article. Later on in the following three paragraphs the focus shifted to interfamily cooperation amongst Puerto Rican families.


Puerto Rican families as I suppose many other families are supposed to have mannerisms or ways they conduct themselves given certain situations. Though this can be used to identify ethnicity or culture at times it is also used as a gauge to measure your level of "culture". Many times if we do not follow the established partners that have been mandated by our committments we are considered as losing touch with our identity or becoming Americanized. For instance; God forbid if I; a Puerto Rican man, around other Puerto Ricans who values were the same as the authors and at a funeral I started crying for the deceased who wasnt my child or wife, parent or immediate family member. I would be looked down upon or strangely. The article written in 1958 shows many mannrerisms that no longer exist (for the most part) in the turn of the century "milleniumized" Boricuas.

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