Boricua College
Instructional Module
Evaluation 6.10
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Facilitator: Emilio Suarez


Exercise III


Children being taught from the time they are born how to be a man or woman was the focus of this article. Boys are taught that being a man means having physical courage, toughness, competiveness and aggressiveness. They have to get into mischief; get dirty and show no emotion (i.eno crying) in order to be a man. While on the other hand girls are taught to be gentle responsive, affectionate, tender and emotional.


Sadly this is the case with most parents rearing thier children in a society that is ruled by a patriarchal mentality. In contrast however I have taught my daughter the traditional ways; that is to be more balanced. She will know (she's only three now) that it is o.k. for her to be agressive when necessary as well as competetive. She can get dirty if she wants; (but dont make it a habit laundry bills can add up! :-) At the same time being affectionate, tender and emotioinal is fine too and most neccesary in this cold insensitive world we live in. Haaad I a son the same would apply for him; plus a high respect and honor towards the sisters of our nation or tribe.

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