Boricua College
Instructional Module
Evaluation 6.10
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Facilitator: Emilio Suarez


Exercise II


The article focused on the fact that despite the tidal waves of change which have transformed many areas of American law and life; the institution of marriage has remained unchanged during the last fifty years. One of the only changes was the banning in the 60's of retrictions to interacial marriages. According to the author there is a general consensus amonst Americans that the state & law should hanve little if anyhing to say about the most intimate, personal and legally unsupervised contract known to the law.

Evaluation After further evaluation of this article even though I tend to agree to a certain extent with the author; I also see external criteria that was not taken into consideration. This criteria is the slow decay or "outmoding" of the institution of marraige here in the US. this was discussed in previuos modules and not to burst the authors bubble but the government or law need not do anything to change or affect the law. Decline of moral values, rejection of church imposed regulations, hectic lifestyles have all contributed to the near decimation of marriage. Of course I have to take into account that this article was written in 1975 when the dismantling of the institution od marriage was yet in an embrynic stage.Therefore, unless the author had some sort of phsycic ability he could not of possibly forseen what was to become of the institution of marraige.

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