Boricua College
Instructional Module
Evaluation 6.20
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Facilitator: Emilio Suarez


This artice was broken down into 3 paragraphs speaking primarly about premaritial sexual attitudes & behavior in the future.
The first paragraph spoke of how our society has become more accepting of what was once considered deviant behavior. I am in total agreement with the author. Morals have taken a plunge in the country & it seems like everything revolves around sex. Movies, music, magazines, fashio, smoking ads, drinking commercials, video games, the media, sitcoms and even sports all are pushing sexual innuendos in some form. Women are dressing more & more prevocatively & at a younger age. Its getting harder now to tell the difference between a prostitue and a regular woman.Men's hormones are raging uncontrollably and rapes have nearly doubled.

Paragraph two insisted that society will not lose its interest in the control of sexual behavior because it cant afford to do that. Population control is the main reason for that. Overcrowding on this planet must be prevented through the educating on birth control. One thing that was forgotten was the A.I.D.'s epidemic which is more likely to occur in promiscous, unprotected sexual encounters which is become common in this society.

Lastly the designation of adults for the care & socialization of newborn members was spoken about in paragraph 3. I had a problem however with the authors concept. Too many questions arise such as

a) who "designates" these adults?
b) what is the "criteria" used in the selection process of these adults.
c) What constitutes an illegitamate birth & who deemed it illegitamate.

It is my belief that being "married" accordding to the church or by the judge for that matter doesnt constitue a parent. Going thru these necessary procedures by society does not signify that the adult is ready for pareting. I know of many households where the children were raised by parents who werent "married" at the time of conception. Some of these couples didnt go thru the "marraige" ceremony sometimes till years later (if ever); however they raised thier children just fine; if not sometimes even better than the married couples! Finally: placing the tag of an "illegitimate" child is unfair. Society once again is trying to dictate what in thier "holier than thou eyes" consitutes legitamacy & sadly many of us have accepted that labeling.

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