Boricua College
Instructional Module
Evaluation 6.20
Student: Antonio Ruiz
Facilitator: Emilio Suarez

Exercise I

This last exercise apparently spoke of the institue of marraige from a femenist point of view. Apparently the author was trying to get across the point that marraige isnt whats its all hyped up to be. She feels that the instiute of marraige lowers the woman ito nothing better than a domestic servant whose sole purpose is to be supportive, ego-buidig (the males of course) and subordinate.

This article was written in the 70's when femenism was in full swing. Im sure the author would be pleased to see the strives that women have made since then. I diagreed with many of the commets she made in the article but soley on the grounds that her ideas are outdated and for the most part no longer a reality. The following were some of those comments proceeded by my rebuttals:

a) If a woman wanted children she had to get married.
Need I explain why I disagree with that statement?
b) Only thru marraige has a woman succeeded.
As I mentioned before; there is a totally different mindset here in the new millenium world as in contrast to the Nixon era.
c) Marraige is a master-slave relationship
Yes! Many men would shock her in telling her that "they" were the ones who felt like the slaves; just ask AL Bundy!
d) The woman recieves "training" in being supportive, ego-building and subordinate.
More than likely Im pretty sure that this "training" was issued by another woman (i.e Mom). So why then (excuse the term) "bitch" about this injustice to men?
e) ...subordinate role in marraige?
In this God-fearing Christian nation we live in we can thank the Bible for that mentality. Read I Peter Chapt 3 verse 1 and also I Timothy Chapt 2 verses 11-15. Hey but then again wasnt the Bible writtenby men anyway!
f) she is expected to put her husband's work and interests above hers and provide him with a comfortable domestic enviorment....
That concept I believe went out with disco and being the proud, loving father of a three year old baby girl; I thank God for that!

Women for the most part in todays world ave buried theses ideals. However women in other countries are not as fortunate as here in the United States where they have bettered themselves, the family and strengthend partnerships.

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