Jose Luis Seville
5617 Dodge Drive
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303
(910) 826-9560/0944

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position where my skills can
be utilized and have an opportunity for

Customer Service Bilingual/Spanish
Accounts Receivable Operations Management
Inventory Control Lite Computer
Warehouse/Industrial Record Keeping
Supplies Data Entry
Office Procedures Supervisary

EXPERIENCE (MONTH & DATE OF RECENT JOB) NAME & ADDRESS OF COMPANY TEL # IF AVAILABLE BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF RESPONSIBILITY     *Skip a line after each job Delete Awards but if you have letters & commendations include with resume. Education only name of school, where & HS...military training included under military experience               Elaborate on the burlington job..full but brief description since it was last job & 5 yrs...sound technical....add to bottom of resume if you have room ADDITIONAL SKILLS "strong organizational skills, able to meet deadlines, able to work under pressure, adaptable to changes, fast learner and team player. any questions email me now in next 15 minutes

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